Monthly Archives: November 2013

Let’s begin…

Hello! Welcome to my literary blog, a place on the interwebz for me to ramble about books. I graduated from the University of Hull last year with a degree in English with Creative Writing, and since then I haven’t been able to stop reading. The thing about doing an English degree is that you kind of get used to writing about books once you’ve read them (and keeping an eye on the page number, and consuming your body weight in coffee at three in the morning while reading a critical essay about the presence of rabbits in Wuthering Heights) so this blog is a way for me to have my writing fix (without the other stuff. Hopefully.) Don’t worry – I won’t be using this space to write undergrad-style essays (because that’s REALLY tempting), but rather use it to write honest reviews and maybe inspire others to pick up the same books.

I know, I’m greedy. I’ve already got a blog, which you can check out here, but that’s more of a nonsensical, humorous blog about the frivolities of everyday life. I want to dedicate this one to the pile of books I’m slowly making my way through – which means my blog posts might be a bit irregular, depending on the length of my current read. This is putting time-management to the test. I’ll keep you updated with what I’m reading next, so we can turn this into a virtual book club – the very best kind of club!

Read About the Blog to find out more about my aims and motivation behind this. In the meantime, expect my first post to be on White Teeth by Zadie Smith – an oldie but goodie. I read it a couple of weeks ago and as it was a debut novel from a twenty-something writer, it seems pretty fitting to start on. Watch this space!